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About Injection Molding Machine: You Need To Know

by Gayle

Injection molding is a manufacturing process that involves injecting material into a mold. The material cools and takes the shape of the mold. The process is used for making plastic, elastomeric and rubber parts with complex shapes.

Injection molding machines are used to create products using plastic, rubber and other materials. The injection molding machine can be used to manufacture many different types of products, from toys to car parts. They typically consist of two main components: a hot runner system and a cold runner system. In addition, it may also have a shot size monitor for precise control over the amount of material injected into each mold cavity at any given time.

Main Parts of an Injection Molding Machine

The machine consists of:

Injection Unit

The injection unit contains an injection pump, nozzle and barrel. The barrel is circular in shape, with a round gate at its bottom. A runner system is attached to the gate that allows molten polymer to flow from the barrel into cavities (or molds) in which products are formed. The molten polymer is forced out by pressure generated by the pump, which is driven by electric motor or compressed air.

Clamping System

Clamping systems hold molds in place during the injection process so that they do not move during injection and cooling cycles. They also provide support for ejection systems that push out plastic parts after solidification (which takes place when injected materials cool down). Clamping systems contain vacuum pumps and vacuum chambers that create negative pressure inside molds so that they can be clamped firmly against steel pins inserted into them during clamping operations.

Control System

The control system monitors and controls all aspects of production. It tells the machine when to start producing parts, what temperature to use to melt plastic, how fast parts should be injected into molds, when to open and close molds after parts have been cooled, how fast parts should be ejected from molds and when to stop production altogether. To ensure an efficient functionality, this part includes a series of sensors and actuators that are used to control all the functions of an injection molding machine. These sensors monitor parameters like temperature, pressure, and flow rate while actuators adjust these parameters based on signals from these sensors.


Injection molding has many applications and benefits, to name a few it is energy efficient, produces high quality products, has cost-saving benefits, such as flexibility in customization and production, and otherwise versatility.

The best thing about injection molding machine is that it can help you make your plastic product easily, quickly and economically. But before you decide to buy one, you should see if there is a need for this machine. If you are in the same situation like most of the beginners and don’t know what type of machine they should choose, then the injection machine is a good option.

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