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Facts and Information About Pergola Parts

by Gayle

It’s a good idea to become familiar with all of a pergola’s components if you’re thinking about installing a pergola yourself. With this information, you may feel certain throughout installation and deal with any issues that may emerge.

Simple outdoor structures like an arbor are called pergolas. A pergola is normally attached to a house or is freestanding and positioned close to the house, whereas an arbor is frequently a freestanding structure put in a yard or garden. When preparing to construct a pergola or other similar structure, it is crucial to understand the proper terminology.

Below are information about each pergola component that you need to know:

Pergola Posts/Columns

The vertical support structures that are fastened to a surface are called columns or posts. A freestanding pergola requires a minimum of four columns, but an attached pergola requires at least two.

Beams & Rafters for Pergola

The components that make up the pergola roof are the beams and rafters. The open-air, shaded structure is built by stacking the beams and rafters on top of the columns and beams, respectively.

Hardware for pergolas includes the screws and brackets used to join the various pergola components.


This is the foundation, which supports and connects the columns. It is often made of concrete.

Ledger Board

For pergolas that are attached, use the ledger board. It is a supporting beam that is fastened to the framework of the building’s walls. The pergola’s length is the same as its.


Purlins are the horizontal pieces of wood or steel that are parallel to the rafters in the roof of your pergola.

Gable End

This is the name we give to the triangle-shaped tip of a roof. Popular because it gives the building character, this design.

Any building’s roof pitch can be displayed, and we can completely customize it to your tastes and preferences.

Is It Possible to Replace Vinyl Pergola Parts?

Even with meticulous upkeep and care, pergolas can occasionally sustain damage. Falling branches are the most frequent cause of this. Fortunately, new components can be bought to merely swap out the outdated ones. A pergola repair is frequently a more cost-effective option than a whole replacement.

Tips in Ordering Pergola Parts

Ordering pergola parts is not as simple as buying parts for a toy. You need to ask the opinion of an export before making the order as most parts sold online are combined with parts for the following:


It may look like a pergola, but a pavilion has a full roof.


This one has low railing with indoor seating attached. Gazeebos has a closed roof.


Small are frequently utilized as a frame or entranceway for plants that climb.


A pavilion has a full roof but is often open like a pergola.

The components for these buildings won’t fit a plastic pergola.

This concise glossary of common pergola words and parts should cover everything you need to know about your new garden building. You can now completely appreciate the architecture and labor that went into creating your garden’s newest feature.

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