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Portable Closet: Tips & Tricks For Closet Organization

by Gayle

Walking into a room with a properly arranged closet adds to the beauty of the space. The truth is, we all have a closet in our homes, irrespective of the bedroom space. If you’ve ever watched any of the documentaries about many of these celebrity homes, you begin to wonder how their closet stays so neat and tidy all the time.

While many people do not have those extremely large walk-in closets, they have to make do with what they have. Who says you can’t get a neatly arranged closet space? If your room lacks space for a wardrobe or closet, you can easily substitute it with a portable closet. They come in different styles, sizes, and shapes.

The post gives tips and tricks on how to keep your pants in your closet.

How to organize pants in a closet

This may seem like a no-brainer but many people are still unable to organize pants in their closet. Or better still, they hang them in just one style. To give you a range of hanging options to try out, here are four major ways to hang your pants.

Hang by the cuff

This is an unconventional way of hanging pants but it adds uniqueness to your closet. It is best used when the waist is bulky with heavy zippers and buttons. To be able to hang pants by the cuff, you’ll need specialized cuff hangers. They are better known as a clamping pants hanger. Fold the pants vertically, and place the pant cuffs between the hanger’s clamp. Close the clamps. The pants will hang upside down with the waist facing down.

Hang from the waistband or line

The best way to fold pants with this method is to use hangers with clips. You can convert regular hangers by buying and adding clips to the horizontal line of the hangers. To hang the pants, start by folding the pants vertically if the waistline is too wide for the hanger. Ideally, to avoid leaving clip imprints on the pants waistline, you can fold index cards over the pant material. Then proceed to clamp and hold the pants. The pants would hang vertically with the waistline hanging up.

Fold in a shelf

In this method you wouldn’t be hanging the pants. It is best used when there’s little or no hanging space left in the closet. The idea is to make use of the shelf area. Fold the pants vertically, and then proceed to fold horizontally to form thirds. Make each fold neat so it sits as a clean rectangle. Place each pair of pants on top of each other. For better arrangement, color-match pants together for easy identification.

Fold over a hanger

It is the most common and easiest way to fold pants. Start by folding the pants in half, vertically. Pass the folded pants through the eye of the hanger and let it sit comfortably, and then hang the hanger. Ensure the pants are hung symmetrically with each side of the pants having equal lengths.


Having a neat closet begins from proper organization and arrangement of clothes. Whether you have a portable closet or a walk-in closet, what’s most important is that clothes are arranged in a proper manner. The post discusses four methods of hanging pants to keep the closet looking clean and neat. As an added trick, always color-match hung trousers.

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